Pilot Supplies and Books

To make sure you get the most out of your training, we offer “Kits” to help with your studies. View our “Private Pilot Kit“. During the Pre-Solo phase of training you’ll specifically want to study the Gleim – Private Pilot FAA Knowledge Test Prep.  You’ll also want to reference the Pilots Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge and the Aviation Weather & Weather Services books.  PDFs available online at:

Magnetic Compass Errors

ANDS  Accelerate/North indication Decelerate/South indication *error only occurs when approximately East/West North/Lags South/Leads Turns from North initially show opposite of turn, then lags behind. Turns from South initially show ahead of turn, then leads ahead. No turning errors on East/West *****Compass is only accurate during straight and level unaccelerated flight***** TC E(or +W) (VAR) = MC […]

Weather Briefings

Type of flight – IFR or VFR. If you want to fly VFR, but you are instrument qualified and equipped, state that you can go IFR if necessary. Aircraft Identification (tail number) – or last name. Type of Aircraft – and equipment if IFR. Departure Point and Destination – and specific airport name, if more […]

Communication Procedures

Class E Airport Before Taxi Listen to AWOS 113.5 and get advisory While Taxiing Alert traffic when crossing any runway (Kokomo traffic Cessna 739KS crossing runway 14 Kokomo.) Alert traffic when back-taxiing on any runway (Kokomo traffic, Cessna 739KS back-taxiing runway 32 Kokomo.) Before Takeoff After checking final, report when taxiing onto runway for takeoff. […]

Approved Long Cross-Country Routes

The following is a list of approved airports for student cross country flights from Glenndale or Sheridan Airport.  The routes listed meet the long solo cross country requirement rules found under FAR 61.609. A flight of at least 150 nautical miles with full stop landings at a minimum of three points, one of which is […]

Approved Short Cross-Countries

The following is a list of approved airports for student cross country flight from Glenndale or Sheridan Airports.  Airport identifiers listed with a (*) indicate tower controlled airports while those with (**) indicate a Class C facility. Airport Name Airport Identifier Approximate Distance in Nautical Miles Northeast Branch Co. (Cold Water, MI) D96 95 nm […]

Cross-Country Rules and Procedures

Student Pilots may only fly to airports within a 250 nautical mile radius of 8I3 and 5I4. The 250 nm restriction may be waived on an individual basis if prior permission is received from your Flight Instructor. No overnight flights are allowed. We will not reimburse expenses such as landing fees or tie-down fees. Each […]

Landing Illusions

Situation Illusion Result Upsloping Runway or Terrain Greater Height Lower Approach Narrower-than-Usual Runway Greater Height Lower Approach Featureless Terrain Greater Height Lower Approach Rain on Windscreen Greater Height Lower Approach Haze Greater Height Lower Approach Downsloping Runway or Terrain Less Height Higher Approach Wider-than-Usual Runway Less Height Higher Approach Bright Runway and Approach Lights Less […]

Cross-Country Planning

Prior to starting VFR cross country planning, the student pilot should have the following items: current sectional charts, plotter, flight computer, pencil/black ball point pen, Airport/Facility Directory, and a X-C planning sheet. Draw a straight line center of airport to center of airport, with doglegs as necessary for restricted areas, etc. NOTE: Straight line distance […]

Flight Planning Forms

Click for VFR Flight Planning Form (PDF). Click for Flight Planning Form (Excel)  Click for  Flight Planning Form with Example (Excel)  

Weight and Balance - Weight Shift Example

Old Weight Arm Moment 2015 – 254210 180 85 15300 310 121 37510 200 140 28000 240 75 18000 Weight Moved Distance CG Moves Weight of Aircraft Distance Between Arms X 86.32-84.7 = 1.62 2495 121-85 = 36 X = 132.525 New Weight Arm Moment 2015 – 155400 315 85 26775 175 121 21175 200 […]

Airspace Weather Minimums

Type Visibility Cloud Clearance “Standard VFR Minima” means 3 SM visibility, 500 ft. below, 1000 ft. above and 2000 ft. horizontal clearance of clouds. Class A IFR IFR Class B 3 SM Clear of clouds Class C Standard VFR Minima Standard VFR Minima Class D Standard VFR Minima Standard VFR Minima Class E (below 10000 […]

Emergency Procedures

The Decision Making Process As your experience grows, you will be more adept to making effective choices and reducing the risk associated with each flight. Each step in the decision making process is critical to making sound in-flight judgments. Recognize a change. Define the problem. Choose a course of action. Implement your decision. Ensure that […]

Weather Abbreviations

Weather Abbreviations via Weather Abbreviations via

Aircraft Type Identification

Aircraft Type Identification

VOR Tracking and VOR Approaches

VOR Tracking and VOR Approaches

Aircraft Performance Article

Aircraft Performance Article

Cross-Country Stage Checklist

Click: Private Cross Country Stage Checklist


Click to download ground speed reference file

electronic E6B

E6B Emulator

VFR Chart Symbols

VFR Chart Symbols

Weight And Balance Tutorial

Weight & Balance Tutorial (Video)

How to Calculate Density Altitude (Video)

Ground School: How to Calculate Density Altitude E6B Flight Computer: Density Altitude

Calculating Wind Correction Angle (Video)

Ground School: Calculating Wind Correction Angle

Private Pilot Oral Test (Video)

Private Pilot Oral Exam

Visual Approach Indicators - VASI/PAPI

Visual Approach Indicators (VASI/PAPI)

Flight Computer Practice (Video)

Ground School: Flight Computer Practice

VFR Flight Following (Video)

VFR Flight Following

Special Use Airspace (Video)

Special Use Airspace

VOR Navigation (Video)

Private Pilot Airplane – Navigation – ASA Intercepting VOR Radials VOR Navigation

Ground Reference Maneuvers (Video)

Ground Reference Maneuvers

Free Online Practice Quizzes

Free Online Practice Quizzes There are several free online practice sites available. The following are just a few: Kings Schools Exams4Pilots Sporty’s