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GPS To Be Proficient

To be proficient with the GPS Checklist

Stage 2 Checklist

Instrument Stage 2 Checklist

Communication Procedures

Radio Pre-flight Turn everything on (use to bottom flow pattern) Starting at audio selector panel Marker beacon lights Set speakers or headset for communication check Transmitter to comm. 1 Comm 1 – – set volume Nav. – – tune in lcl frequency that you can receive on grad. (i.e. loc) Set volume Check identifier and […]


  Standard Pattern

Hold Entries

There are 3 different types of hold entries that have been developed to get you headed in the right direction on the holding course without excessive maneuvering. The entry you use depends on your magnetic heading relative to the holding course when you arrive at a fix. Standard entries are right hand turns and are […]

Unusual Attitudes

If the airspeed is decreasing or below the desired airspeed, add power. Use the attitude indicator to lower the nose and level the wings. If you suspect the attitude indicator is inoperative, apply just enough forward pressure to reverse the movement of the airspeed indicator and altimeter and to start the VSI moving toward zero. […]

Victor Airways

  All distances are in Nautical Miles. The total mileage between navaids is in the box. A number without an outlined box indicates mileage between any combination of intersections, navaids, or mileage break points Mileage Break Point Intersections Intersection defined by DME DME between intersection  

ILS Approaches

The ILS installation is made up of several components. You recieve guidance information from ground-based localizer and glide slope transmitters. To help you determine your distance from the runway, the ILS installation may provide DME fixes or marker beacons located along the ILS approach path. Here’s the breakdown. Localizer This provides the information regarding your […]

Approach Segments

An instrument approach may be divided into as many as four approach segments: initial, intermediate, final, and missed approach. Initial The initial approach segment begins at an initial approach fix (IAF) and usually ends where it joins the intermediate approach segment. Purpose: To provide a method for aligning your aircraft with the approach course by […]

Emergency Procedures

The Decision Making Process As your experience grows, you will be more adept to making effective choices and reducing the risk associated with each flight. Each step in the decision making process is critical to making sound in-flight judgments. Recognize a change. Define the problem. Choose a course of action. Implement your decision. Ensure that […]

Weather Abbreviations

Weather Abbreviations via Weather Abbreviations via

Aircraft Type Identification

Aircraft Type Identification

VOR Tracking and VOR Approaches

VOR Tracking and VOR Approaches

IFR Chart Symbols

IFR Chart Symbols