Flight Instructor Ratings (CFI/II/MEI)


  • Commercial Pilot Certificate
  • Instrument Rating
  • Multi-engine Rating (only for MEI)
  • Current Medical

We offer three different instructor courses; basic airplane instructor, instrument add-on, and multi-engine instructor certification. The majority of the training is ground instruction on learning how to teach each of the subjects required by the FAA Practical Test Standards. The flight training covers learning how to fly from the right seat while explaining and performing each maneuver to commercial standards. Your knowledge will be expanded to include common errors and mistakes made by students.


If you do not have your own aircraft, we recommend joining the Indiana Pilots Club, which has a number of different aircraft available for use at all our Flight Training Centers locations.

Approximate Costs

Airplane Fees (10 hours) $1800
Instructor Fees (20 hours) $1200
Ground School $400
Checkride Test Prep $300
Pilot Supplies $100
Total $3800

Costs do not include: Knowledge Test Fees ($300), or Club Dues ($480/year). Costs shown here are approximate and are listed for demonstrative purposes.

Materials and Equipment

You will need the following items by the conclusion of your flight training: FAR/AIM, Sectional Map, Flight Computer, Plotter, Textbook, Pilot Logbook, Written Test Guide, PTS, Oral Prep Guide.

(Most of these items are included in our “Pilot Kits“.)

Payment Options

Option #1: Pay as you go by either deposting money on account before or after each flight.
Option #2: Pay an advance payment of any amount and receive an additional 10% credit on your account. For example if you deposit $7000 you will receive a $700 credit, $1000 will give you a credit of $100.  Ten percent additional credit is only available one time.


Club Member Rate $60/hour
Non-Member Rate $70/hour

For more information contact: info@flighttrainingcenters.com.