Tailwheel Endorsement

Tailwheel Endorsement is proficiency based, meaning there is no hour minimum hour requirement to get your endorsement. You only need to demonstrate to an instructor that you are proficient to fly a tailwheel. Required training for the tailwheel endorsement per 14 CFR 61.31 consist of:  Normal and crosswind takeoffs and landings Wheel landings Go-around procedures  Your tailwheel training will […]

Complex Endorsement

There are no time requirements associated with a complex endorsement, but the candidate must exhibit complete competence in the operation of a complex aircraft. Upon the demonstration of proficiency, the Certified Flight Instructor will award the candidate the complex endorsement. A complex airplane is defined by 14 CFR 61.31(e) as an airplane that has the following:  Retractable landing gear  […]

High Performance Endorsement

14 CFR 61.31(f) presently defines a high performance airplane as an airplane with and engine of MORE THAN 200 horsepower. The airplane engine must exceed and not just meet the 200 hp. This mean having and aircraft of only 200 hp do not qualify under this definition. You will need to receive and log ground and […]