Our scheduling system can be accessed at: You can also download our mobile scheduling app on Android or iOS. Just look for the “HoldShort” app on your device’s app store.

If you have not already received an email invitation to join our new scheduling system then please send us an email to  If you have received an invitation then please follow the instructions within that email to join our scheduling system.

Once you’re in, to schedule an airplane or instructor, just click the “Add Event” button at the top.

Next, select yourself as the pilot, select an instructor if you need one, set the date and time and click the dropdown under “Add Resource” to select an airplane to schedule. Click “Add Event” and you’re done.

To see the schedule, click “Calendars” at the top, then select Month / Week or Day view next to (sort of on top of) “Flight Training Centers / Indiana Pilots Club”. The easiest way to see the calendar with instructors and planes is the “day view”. We recommend using the “day view” to cross reference when your instructor and plane are available at the same time.