Pilot Supplies and Books

To make sure you get the most out of your training, we offer “Kits” to help with your studies. View our “Private Pilot Kit“. During the Pre-Solo phase of training you’ll specifically want to study the Gleim – Private Flight Maneuvers book. You’ll also want to reference the Airplane Flying Handbook. PDF available online at:

ICAO Phonetic Alphabet

A Alpha B Bravo C Charlie D Delta E Echo F Foxtrot G Golf H Hotel I India J Juliet K Kilo L Lima M Mike N November O Oscar P Papa Q Quebec R Romeo Sierra T Tango U Uniform V Victor W Whiskey X X-Ray Y Yankee Z Zulu  

Slips - Forward and Side

The Forward Slip is a slip usually used to lose altitude quickly. Forward Slips are never to be done with full flaps extended on the aircraft. Forward slips are demonstrated by choosing a road or runway with a direct headwind or tailwind. You will apply opposite rudder and aileron (e.g. left rudder and right aileron […]

Wind Correction During Taxi

It is critical for a pilot to account for the wind during all phases of a flight. Taxiing on the ground is no exception. The main idea of wind correction by aileron deflection is to prevent the wind from “picking up” a wing or the tail and turning the airplane over as the pilot is […]

Private Maneuvers

Click: Pvt Maneuvers Expanded (includes ACS) Version Click: Pvt Maneuvers Condensed Version Click: C-172 Maneuvers Guide


Cause At any angle of attack beyond Clmax, the airflow can no longer follow the upper surface of the wing and the flow separates and the wing loses lift. The weight exceeds the lift so the plane accelerates downward. Types Power-on: Associated with takeoff and climb Power-off: Associated with landings in the approach configuration Accelerated […]


A stall must occur before a spin can take place. The principle difference that transforms a straight-ahead stall into a spin entry is that one wing stalls more than the other. This usually happens when there is an element of yaw as the stall breaks, and occurs most often when the airplane is in uncoordinated […]

Passing Your Medical

M. H. Bate, M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. Diplomate, American Board of Surgery Aviation Medical Examiner 9302 N. Meridian St. Suite 220 Indianapolis, IN 46260 317-571-8226 Pilots, your aviation medical examiner (AME) wants you to pass your medical exam. We know how important that continuing to fly is to you because most of us are pilots […]

Pre-Solo Written Exam

If the outside air temperature (OAT) at a given altitude is warmer than standard, the density altitude is A–equal to pressure altitude.B–lower than pressure altitude.C–higher than pressure altitude. Which combination of atmospheric conditions will reduce aircraft takeoff and climb performance? A–Low temperature, low relative humidity, and low density altitude.B–High temperature, low relative humidity, and low […]

Pre-Solo Exam Key

PRESOLO WRITTEN EXAM ANSWER KEY   C C C C A B A B A B A A B C B C B A C C A B B B A A Varies Per Plane Varies Per Plane Varies Per Plane Varies Per Plane  

Solo Stage Checklist

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Documents Required for Solo

When flying solo, you must have a number of documents with you while flying: Student Pilot certificate Government issued photo ID Current solo endorsement If pursuing the Private license A current third-class medical If you are on a solo cross-country flight (more than 25NM from the starting point) Cross country solo endorsement for category, make […]