Ground School

Ground school teaches you aviation fundamentals, and prepares you for the FAA written test. Student pilots training for the Private rating have three ground school options. You will still need to spend time on the ground with your CFI covering more advanced subjects.

Self-Study Book

If you prefer, you can simply use a Gleim Knowledge Test book to self-study for the required Knowledge Test.  Once you’ve studied the book, then you can take one of the Free Practice Exams listed below in order to assure us that you can pass the Knowledge Test.  Once your instructor is satisfied that you have the knowledge to pass the test, he/she will provide you with the required instructor sign-off.

Online/DVD Knowledge Test Course

There are several Online and DVD self/paced training courses listed below, available to help you study in the privacy of your own home, and at your own pace.  Once you have completed the course of your choice, you can then take any of several practice exams also listed below to assure that you will be able to pass the Knowledge Test.  Most of these courses will provide you with the required instructor sign-off to take your Knowledge Test.  Additionally, we can provide your signoff, provided you send us proof that you have completed the course and that you have successfully passed the practice exams.

Knowledge Test Ground School

We offer a classroom based ground school, where you schedule time with one of our instructors specifically for the purpose of teaching you everything you need to know to pass your aviation Knowledge Test.  The cost for the course is $400.

Checkride Oral Prep Course

Our instructors will provide you “one-on-one” individual training as needed to teach you everything you need to know to pass the oral examination portion of your checkride.  The cost of the course is $300.

Pilot Supplies and Books

We offer study kits to help you study and prepare for your tests. Visit our pilot supplies and books list.

Written Test Prep

When it comes to the written exams and ACS checkride there are tons of options to choose from when looking for a study guide.

Free Online Practice Quizzes

There are several free online practice sites available. The following are just a few:

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