Communication Procedures

Class E Airport

  • Before Taxi
    • Listen to AWOS 113.5 and get advisory
  • While Taxiing
    • Alert traffic when crossing any runway
      (Kokomo traffic Cessna 739KS crossing runway 14 Kokomo.)
    • Alert traffic when back-taxiing on any runway
      (Kokomo traffic, Cessna 739KS back-taxiing runway 32 Kokomo.)
  • Before Takeoff
    • After checking final, report when taxiing onto runway for takeoff.
      (Kokomo traffic, Cessna 739KS departing runway 23 to the south* Kokomo.)
      * say direction of flight or if staying in the pattern.
  • Coming Back to the Airport
    • Listen to AWOS or get an airport advisory from Unicom.
      (Kokomo Unicom, Cessna 739KS 10 miles south inbound for landing, request airport advisory)
    • Report position to other possible traffic.
      (Kokomo traffic, Cessna 739KS 10 miles east inbound for landing runway 23 Kokomo)
  • Entering the Pattern
    • Report entering the pattern, turning to each leg of the pattern, and include runway of intended landing.
      (Kokomo traffic, Cessna 739KS turning left downwind runway 5)

      1. Crosswind (if required)
      2. Downwind
      3. Base
      4. Final
    • After landing and clear of the runway, report.
      (Kokomo traffic, Cessna 739KS clear of runway 23 Kokomo

Class D Airport

  • Arrival
    1. Get ATIS information (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, etc.)
    2. Contact tower (Italics = ATC, Normal = You):
      • “Muncie tower, Cherokee 5147L, 10 miles NW, inbound for landing with Alpha.”
      • “5147L, report 2 mile left base runway 2.”
      • “Report 2 mile left base runway 2, 5147L.”
      • “Tower, 5147L is 2 mile left base runway 2.”
      • “47L, you are number 2 following a Cessna on short final. Cleared to land.”
      • “47L cleared to land number 2, traffic in sight.”
      • “47L turn left next taxiway, monitor ground 121.9”
      • “47L, left next taxiway, monitor ground 121.9.” (If told to contact ground, stop after clearing runway, contact ground
      • “47L, clear of runway 2 taxiing to xyz FBO.”
  • Departure:
    1. Get ATIS information (Alpha, Charlie, etc.)
    2. Contact Ground
      • “Muncie ground, Cherokee 5147L at xyz FBO, ready to taxi VFR to Kokomo with bravo.”
      • “47L, taxi to runway 2”.
      • “47L, taxi to runway 2.”
    3. After Run-Up, taxi to hold-short line and switch to tower frequency.
      • “Muncie Tower, 5147L is ready to depart runway 2.”
      • “47L, Cleared for takeoff, left turn out approved.” (If told to hold short, repeat all hold short instructions.)

Class C Airport

  • Arrival
    1. Listen to ATIS
    2. Contact Approach Control 20 to 25 NM out.
      • “Indianapolis Approach, Cessna 739KS is 25 miles north inbound for landing with “Alpha.”
      • “Cessna 739KS, squawk 1243.”
      • “Cessna 739KS, radar contact 20 miles north of Indianapolis.”
    3. Approach control will then monitor your progress to the airport and advise of any pertinent traffic.
    4. Switch frequencies as requested by the controller, and say altitude each time you report in.
      • “Cessna 739KS, contact tower on 122.8.”
      • “Tower on 122.8, 739KS.”
      • “Indianapolis Tower, Cessna 739KS is with you 3 mile final runway 23.”
      • “Cessna 739KS cleared to land runway 23.”
      • “Cleared to land 23, 739KS.”
    5. After landing, contact ground when clear of the runway.
      • “739KS, contact ground on 121.9.”
      • Contact ground on 121.9, 739KS.”
      • “Indianapolis Ground, Cessna 739KS with you clear of runway 23, taxiing to xyz FBO.”
      • “739KS, taxi to the ramp.”
      • “Taxiing to the ramp, 739KS.”
  • Departure
    1. Get ATIS
    2. Contact Clearance Delivery.
      • “Indianapolis Clearance Delivery, Cessna 739KS is at xyz FBO with Alpha, VFR to the north at 6500.”
      • “Cessna 739KS, after departure right turn heading 360, climb to 3000 expect higher with departure. Squawk 1235, departure frequency 123.85.”
      • “Turn right 360 after departure, climb to 3000, expect higher with departure on 123.85, squawk 1235, 739KS.”
      • “739KS, read back is correct.”
    3. Contact ground
      • “Indianapolis ground, Cessna 739KS is at xyz FBO ready to taxi with Alpha.”
      • “Cessna 739KS, taxi to runway 23.”
      • “Taxi to runway 23, 739KS.”
    4. Contact tower when ready to depart.
      • “Indianapolis tower, Cessna 739KS is ready to depart runway 23.”
      • “Cessna 739KS, cleared for takeoff runway 23.”
      • “Cleared for takeoff 23, 739KS.”
    5. Contact departure control when directed by tower.
      • “Indianapolis Departure, Cessna 739KS out of 1200 for 3000.”
      • “739KS radar contact, climb and maintain 6500, continue own navigation.”
      • “739KS out of 2000 for 6500.”
    6. Twenty miles out, cancel radar contact if you no longer wish to receive radar separation.
      • “Indianapolis, Cessna 739KS is 20 miles to the north, would like to cancel radar services.”
      • “739KS, radar services terminated. Squawk 1200 (or VFR), Good day.”
      • “Squawk VFR (or 1200), good day, 739KS.”

Guide To All Communications

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