Magnetic Compass Errors

ANDS  Accelerate/North indication
Decelerate/South indication
*error only occurs when approximately East/West

North/Lags South/Leads
Turns from North initially show opposite of turn, then lags behind.
Turns from South initially show ahead of turn, then leads ahead.
No turning errors on East/West
*****Compass is only accurate during straight and level unaccelerated flight*****

TC E(or +W) (VAR) = MC L(or +R) (WCA) = MH (+/- DEV) = CH

First Letter
T = in reference to TRUE North (use plotter and latitude
M = in reference to MAGNETIC North (True North +/- Deviation)
C = in reference to COMPASS North (Magnetic North +/- Compass card deviation)

Second Letter
C = COURSE as plotted on the map (no wind correction applied)
H = HEADING of aircraft with wind correction applied (Course +/- Wind Correction Angle)

Normal Order
TC = TRUE COURSE *use plotter and sectional
VAR = VARIATION *magenta diagonal line (-east is least +west is best)
MC = MAGNETIC COURSE *this is the “no wind course”
* follow directions on back of E6B and don’t forget to convert to Magnetic
* remember winds aloft are always given in True North thus use TC

DEV = DEVIATION *read off of compass card in a/c
CH = COMPASS HEADING *this is the heading used in flight