Complex Endorsement

There are no time requirements associated with a complex endorsement, but the candidate must exhibit complete competence in the operation of a complex aircraft. Upon the demonstration of proficiency, the Certified Flight Instructor will award the candidate the complex endorsement. A complex airplane is defined by 14 CFR 61.31(e) as an airplane that has the following: 

  • Retractable landing gear 
  • Flaps 
  • Controllable pitch 

Approximate Costs

Airplane Fees (5 hours)$900
Instructor Fees (5 hours)$350

Costs shown here are approximate and are listed for demonstrative purposes.


If you do not have your own aircraft, we recommend joining the Pilots Club, which has a number of different aircraft available for use at all our Flight Training Centers locations.


Pay as you go by either deposting money on account before or after each flight.


Club Member Rate$60/hour
Non-Member Rate$70/hour

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