High Performance Endorsement

14 CFR 61.31(f) presently defines a high performance airplane as an airplane with and engine of MORE THAN 200 horsepower. The airplane engine must exceed and not just meet the 200 hp. This mean having and aircraft of only 200 hp do not qualify under this definition. You will need to receive and log ground and flight training from and authorized instructor in a high performance airplane, or in a flight simulator or flight training device that is representative of a high performance airplane, and have been proficient in the operation and systems of the airplane. 

Approximate Costs

Costs are variable depending on the airplane used. For more information contact us directly.


If you do not have your own aircraft, we recommend joining the Pilots Club, which has a number of different aircraft available for use at all our Flight Training Centers locations.


Pay as you go by either depositing money on account before or after each flight.


Club Member Rate$60/hour
Non-Member Rate$70/hour

For more information contact: info@flighttrainingcenters.com.