Pilot Examiners

Name Ratings City Phone #
Denny Green PVT COM IR (Will travel to Kokomo Airport KOKK) Muncie 765-744-2844
Matt Conrad PVT COM IR CFI  (Tailwheel)  (Will travel to Kokomo Airport KOKK)   314-707-9959
Brian G. Dillman
PVT COM IR CFI Lafayette 765-494-9978
Ted Cox SPT, PVT, COM, IR (Tailwheel)  (All checkrides at Rochester Airport KRCR) Rochester 219-629-5299
Dave Dodson SPT, PVT, COM (Tailwheel) South Bend 574-276-7959

Examiners will administer tests at Kokomo Airport for an additional fee. Check with the individual examiner for details.

* Add-on ratings only. CFI Initial exams must be performed by an FAA Inspector from the Indianapolis FSDO.

** Check to ensure the examiner is qualified to give checkrides in the desired make/model aircraft.