Commercial Maneuvers

How to fly Commercial Maneuvers

360° Steep Power Turns Clear the area Set the power to ______________ more may be added if needed. Smoothly roll into a bank of 50° +/-5° increasing backpressure as the bank is increased, trim if desired. Maintain altitude by making small adjustments in pitch and bank. Generally, if the nose of the aircraft is kept […]

Commercial Maneuvers Checklist

Click here for printable PDF Version GUMPS – Check Steep Turns cowl flaps open clearing turn 50 deg Bank 2500 MSL MP 23 / RPM 25 100 – 106 KT Steep Spiral Clearing turn 5000 MSL do not exceed 60* bank power off 25 MP 70 – 80 KT Chandells clearing turn open cowl flaps 2500 […]

Cessna 172RG Maneuver Guide

Cessna 172 RG Maneuver Guide