Definition: Maximum performance climb combined with a 180 degree turn.

Objective: To develop the pilot’s coordination, smoothness, and orientation in a maximum performance maneuver; also to develop positive control techniques at varying airspeeds and altitudes.

Mechanics: This maneuver is considered done after adding full power, banking thirty degrees, pitching up, turning 180 degrees, and ending with an airspeed just above the stall speed.


  1. Roll into 30 degree bank
  2. Gradually Pitch up
  3. Begin rolling out of the turn at the 90 degree point while maintaining your pitch up attitude
  4. Continue to roll out of your turn
  5. Maintain pitch up attitude
  6. Time the turn so you end the maneuver just above the stall speed.

Common Errors:

  1. Not enough right rudder at the aircraft slows
  2. Too fast at the end of the maneuver
  3. Not maintaining pitch up attitude in second 90 degrees of turn
  4. Rolling into the maneuver too fast

Completion Standards:

  1. Bank not exceeding 30 degrees
  2. Keep the ball centered
  3. Roll out within 10 degrees of heading
  4. Airspeed just above stall