Medical Examiners

The average cost of a medical exam is $150. Contact the individual examiner for specific pricing.

At some point in the application process, you will submit an electronic application for your medical using the FAA’s MedXpress System When making the appointment for your medical exam, ask whether they would like you to complete the application before your appointment or submit it at their office.

If you have any medical issues you are not sure about, do not begin the MedXpress electronic application before doing additional research.  Talk to your CFI about the resources and information available to you.

Dr. Robert Habig
Westfield Premier Physicians
15229 Westfield Blvd
Westfield, IN 46032 


Call for directions.

Dr. Mike Wild
3433 S. Lafountain St.
Kokomo, IN 46902 


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Dr. Steven R. Gatewood, MD
1515 S 19th St
Elwood, IN 46036 


Call for directions.