Checkride Summary From 9/2014


  1. Didn’t have to do S-Turns or Turns-About-A-Point
  2. Lasted 1.3 hours and was actually easier than Laura’s prep checkrides (which is a good thing)
  3. We did do an emergency descent. If we did practice one it has been a long time. I know there is a check list but he wasn’t interested in me even using it. JUST DESCEND! GET ON THE GROUND!
  4. We did most, if not all, the exercises at about 3,200 ft.
  5. My first cross country check point was at Burlington and we never even went that far before diverting towards Sheridan. He was happy with a general direction towards Sheridan.
  6. He did ask lots of questions particularly when in the pattern.
  7. He did his own partial preflight and checked the fuel levels and paid very close attention to the tires.
  8. Emergency landing was not carried out nearly as far as Laura had us doing. He pulled the power and I went through part of the checklist and then we moved on to other things.
  9. He was big on raising a wing (to check for traffic) before making a turn in that direction.


  1. Pulled out pics of airport signs and had to ID them
  2. Spent very little time reviewing actual cross country planning. Other than some general safety related questions.
  3. Airspace Classes, MOA/Restricted/Prohibited, Ceilings, & Visibility were the main questions regarding the sectional charts.
  4. He always wanted a guess even when I told him “I don’t know”.
  5. I felt like weather was my weakness going in and he mentioned a couple of weather related questions that I missed when we debriefed.
  6. Know your minimum runway length needed to take off and land. I had the charts with me so I was ok. He would have been happier if I just knew them and didn’t have to look them up.
  7. Know the light-gun signals. He will ask when you’re flying the pattern and busy with something else.
  8. Wanted to know IFR, MVFR, VFR minimums. I only knew because he asked me about them when I scheduled the checkride.
  9. Review any questions you missed on your written test. He will review them at the end. We had already discussed most of them so I only had to answer 2 -3 additional questions.